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Books are based on small interesting true stories. Important grammatical points which students are expected to know. Summary of grammatical points explained in the chapters for revision purpose. A break free fun based activity to ensure that grammatical concepts learnt are well understood and retained. Improvement of vocabulary related to different grammatical concepts with the students not having to focus on learning through WORD PLAY. Ensuring that the young learners are able to use the grammatical concepts effectively in their spoken English. Review exercises are given at the end of books. Encouraging independent thinking on an issue or a topic related to the chapter through THINK IT OVER.


Multiple choice questions are a form of an objective assessment in which respondents are asked to select the only correct answer out of the choices from a list. Providing timely feedback contributes to self-learning and to test the knowledge acquired by the students.


Fun activity to sharpen the students minds.   – front page line

a.       Presents all the topics covered in the lesson.

b.       Highlights an important topic need to be remembered.

c.       Designer work to highlight Picture reading, creative reading

d.       Problem solving and life skills arm the learners with lifelong skills and values that equip them for the challenges of the 21st century.  

e.       Carefully graded chapters following the syllabus guidelines.

f.        Wide range of questions to give enough opportunity to test understanding.

g.       Exercises for Formative and summative assessments include a wide variety of questions long and short answers.

h.       An oral skill increases the confidence and polishes the oratorical skills of the students to be able to make an impact while speaking.

i.         A healthy way to develop the ability to appreciate different viewpoints on any topics through Group Discussion.



In addition, the CD-ROM version of the student book.

a.       In bundled with interactive CD-ROMs.

b.       Teachers have the teacher’s manual as support with additional teaching and testing materials.