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Buy Sahni Sample Papers for All subjects CBSE class 10 online

Board examinations require a lot of hard work as well as smart planning by students to achieve their aim of scoring maximum. Well designed Sample Papers are definitely a plus for these exams. They provide a boost to students to prepare well for the upcoming exams. Friends Publications’ Sahni Solved Sample Question Papers for Class X are a series of carefully designed and edited sample papers according to the latest CBSE syllabus and marking schemes. Selected questions in these papers are an ideal mix of frequently asked questions in previous years as well as important questions as per the current assessment structure and guidelines of CBSE. Papers are based on the updated CBSE pattern related to the latest internal choice and marking scheme. Sets of 10 fully solved sample question papers are available for Mathematics, English Communicative, Science, Hindi A and Social Science in this series, which you can now purchase online. Another appealing feature of Sahni Class X Sample Papers is chapter-wise summary incorporated with important points. These papers cover the subjects in an all-inclusive manner. Therefore, Sahni Sample Papers not only ensure comprehensive practice for the exams, but also a quick revision of course in a smart way. Questions are answered in an optimal word limit as per the CBSE marking scheme. For further assistance to students, we make sure to get their queries resolved within 24 hours by our experts through email.



Friends Publications is a single point creator of quality textbook at the school and pre-collegiate level of academic instruction. We conceive, strategize and implement all elements of textbook publishing, including content development, editing, proofreading, composing and printing in an integrated premise.

The company employs highly qualified professionals in all its departments and maintains state of the art, IT enabled offices to ensure quality with efficiency in all its operations. The objective is to produce quality books for ensuring a sizeable market presence for our products.


Illuminating the path of young learnersAt Friends Publications we innovate new ideas to help young learners to understand most typical topics easily with
fun and technology based mediums.


Fun activity to sharpen the students minds.

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Based on small interesting true stories.

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Bundled with interactive CD-ROMs.

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Only correct answer out of the choices from a list

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